We travel to the folks in the Oklahoma communities that need our expertise and experience and bring all the great services to you. We offer a free hearing screening, as well as major repairs, hearing aid fittings and more. Of course we also bring some of most popular hearing aid accessories and a great selection of hearing aid batteries with us. In fact, we can perform about 95% of our HearAgain services while visiting your community.

The average person with hearing loss waits five years before getting his hearing checked by a professional. HearAgain makes it easy for you with our mobile hearing testing and hearing aid studio. We regularly visit Alva, Woodward, Pauls Valley, Antlers, Duncan, Shawnee, Cordell, Stillwater, McAlester and Enid, Oklahoma.

What to expect:

  • Great, confidential service and a one-on-one consultation. You may talk about work history, exposure to loud sounds or the specific ways in which you’ve experienced hearing loss.
  • Physical exam of the ears. During a hearing test, the hearing specialist will typically examine your ears using an otoscope.
  • A pure tone hearing screening. The first part of the actual hearing test is typically a pure tone hearing test. During a pure tone hearing test, you’ll be seated in a quiet environment, and the specialist will put a pair of headphones that are connected to an audiometer over your ears.
  • Speech testing. You’ll listen to a series of words at different volumes and be asked to repeat them. This test is designed to determine how well you hear and understand speech in a noisy environment.

We do house calls! We usually are able to visit your community about once every six weeks, please check our calendar or call us at (405) 748-5920 or toll free at (855) 748-5920 for the next time we will be in your town.