HearAgain is a full-service Oklahoma hearing aid provider. From screenings and consultations to hearing aid fittings and repairs, HearAgain makes hearing care easy, accessible, and affordable for people all across Oklahoma. Both of our central Oklahoma locations—in Oklahoma City and Norman—as well as our mobile lab—which regularly visits communities throughout the state—are fully equipped to provide the full scope of hearing assistance services. We also have a team of experienced professionals available for house calls, so you can receive the same level of exceptional customer service and support right in the comfort of your own home.

Hearing Screenings in Oklahoma

Hearing loss impacts nearly every aspect of an individual’s life, from social skills and productivity to mental health and cognitive function. Hearing screenings are essential for identifying early hearing loss and potentially preventing further progression. Advancements in hearing technology now make it possible for more people to hear the world around them better and more clearly than ever before.

While the average age for hearing loss is between the ages of 65 and 75, it can affect anyone at any age. Children should receive yearly hearing screenings—either through school or well-child visits—and healthy adults ages 18 and older should receive a professional hearing screening every three to five years.

HearAgain makes getting the hearing services you need easy and convenient. In addition to our Norman and Oklahoma City locations—both of which welcome appointments and walk-ins—we also offer services in the Moore, Norman, Edmond, and Woodward areas. Moreover, our mobile hearing lab travels all over the state of Oklahoma to deliver the care our communities need, including free hearing screenings.

Take charge of your hearing today. To find out where your nearest location is or when we’ll be in your neighborhood, call us toll-free at (855)-748-5920 or check out our mobile hearing test calendar.

Hearing Aid Consultations and Fittings in Oklahoma

Not all hearing aids are created equal. Brands and models can vary greatly from each other, and better hearing depends on finding the right one for you.

HearAgain’s hearing specialists are trained and equipped to provide you with the best hearing device possible. We are experts in the most innovative brands and styles and can build you a custom fit in any of our Norman and Oklahoma City locations, as well as our mobile hearing lab.

We carry all major brands of hearing aids and accessories, as well as our own exclusive line, giving you more options for your best hearing experience.  Our technicians are knowledgeable in every model and style we offer and can help you find a device that fits your unique lifestyle and hearing needs.

At HearAgain, we believe better hearing shouldn’t be inconvenient. If you can’t walk in or schedule an appointment at either of our locations, we’ll come to you. Our mobile hearing lab travels all across the state, making routine visits to communities big and small, and our house call options allow you to receive the full scope of exceptional hearing care without leaving the comfort of your home.

To schedule a hearing aid consultation or find out when we’ll be in your community, call HearAgain toll-free at (855) 748- 5920.

Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance in Oklahoma

If you or a loved one suffer from hearing loss, you know that a malfunctioning or broken hearing aid is a big deal, and trying to fix it can be a big headache.

HearAgain strives to make your hearing care experience as easy and seamless as possible, including those inevitable and necessary repairs. With in-house repair labs, a fully functional mobile lab, and extensively trained technicians, we can complete most repairs on-site, same-day, and even while you wait, no matter where you find us. Whether you walk-in or make an appointment at one of our two locations, visit us at our mobile lab, or request a house call, HearAgain gets you hearing again as soon as possible, unlike other hearing aid companies that have to send your device out for repair, keeping you waiting in silence for days.

At HearAgain, we know that consistent, reliable device operation is critical for good hearing. That’s why our commitment to you extends beyond just the sale of a hearing aid. We offer warranties on all of our services and repairs, and we provide lifetime hearing aid cleaning for any hearing aids purchased through HearAgain.

Let HearAgain keep your hearing aids in perfect working order. Walk in to either our Oklahoma City or Norman location, request a home visit, or find out when our mobile lab will be in your community by calling us toll-free at (855) 748-5920.

Hearing Aid Battery Replacement in Oklahoma

Hearing aid batteries aren’t meant to last a lifetime, but replacing them can be far from simple. From finding the right replacement to manipulating tiny device components, replacing a hearing battery is significant for many people with limited dexterity, visual impairments, or other challenges.

Your hearing shouldn’t suffer because of a bad battery. HearAgain makes replacing your hearing aid batteries easy, fast, and convenient. We carry a full stock of battery types, brands, and models in both of our area locations as well as our mobile lab. We can even bring a selection with us to your house if you are homebound. This means that not only do we have what you need, but we can deliver it right to you wherever you are. Our friendly technicians are thoroughly trained in all of the devices and batteries we carry, allowing them to quickly locate and install the appropriate replacement so you don’t have to, often while you wait and with no appointment required.

Don’t lose another day of hearing due to a bad battery. Walk in to one of our two area locations—in Oklahoma City or Norman—request a home visit, or find out when our mobile lab will be in your neighborhood. Call us toll-free at (8550 748-5920.