Whether you’re in the market for a new hearing aid for yourself or in need of other hearing aid products you’ll find we have a large selection to choose from. We have hearing aids for adults and children as well as hearing aid accessories including batteries for many makes and models, cleaning solutions, Bluetooth and more. Call us toll free toll free at (855)-748-5920 or simply stop by for a consultation today. Walk-ins welcome!

At HearAgain, we pride ourselves on our selection of the very best hearing aids available today, featuring the most advanced technology available to help you hear again.


HearAgain is committed to ensuring your child receives the hearing assistance he or she needs to thrive. We carry all major brands of pediatric hearing aids and our expert professionals have the training and experience necessary to fit your child with the perfect device. You can walk in to or schedule a consultation at either our Oklahoma City or Norman location, request a house visit, or meet us when our mobile lab comes to your community. Your child’s hearing can’t wait; contact HearAgain today to find out how we can help.


The selection of hearing aid batteries is just as wide and varied as the selection of hearing aids themselves and can be just as confusing to navigate. Although an industry-wide color-coded system has standardized the process, finding the best size and type are still important.

HearAgain carries nearly every hearing aid battery on the market today to fit nearly every brand and type of hearing device, and our experienced professionals can help guide you to your best battery option


To get the most out of your hearing aids, they should be simple to use, simple to care for, and simple to enjoy. That’s why HearAgain offers a broad range of accessories and assistive devices to help integrate your hearing aids into all aspects of your life for a flawless and seamless hearing experience.